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LAW Calibration has honed top-tier accredited Temperature and Humidity Calibration capabilities to understand the crucial role of humidity measurements across various sectors like pharmaceuticals, life sciences, and manufacturing. Our services cover all of the humidity sensors, starting with relative humidity hygrometer (RH), digital hygrometer, recorder chart, and more.

With the mission to meet the highest level of quality and reliability, our calibration services are Hygrometer, Temperature and Humidity, and Fluke 5128A Calibration which is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. Moreover, adherence to ISO-9001 compliance guarantees true traceability to SI Units through NIST, physical constants, or equivalent sources.

17025 Temperature and Humidity Calibration is a meticulous process, ensuring accuracy and reliability in measuring temperature and humidity levels. This calibration procedure involves comprehensive testing and adjustment of instruments used to gauge temperature and humidity in various environments, such as laboratories, manufacturing facilities, or climate-controlled spaces.

Count on LAW Calibration’s rigorous quality standards and our team of seasoned metrology experts for consistent and dependable humidity calibrations. Our dedication extends to Managed Services, facilitating seamless dew point meter calibration to uphold the accuracy and reliability of your equipment.

Tailored to meet the specific requirements of your industry, trust LAW Calibration for precise and reliable humidity calibration services.

Operating across two accredited calibration laboratories in the Northeast, LAW Calibration utilizes GEO Calibration Model 4000 assets to offer reference-level humidity standard calibration, reaching up to 98% RH. This service covers various items such as chart recorders, transmitters, and chambers and is available at our accredited calibration labs in Ronkonkoma and Saco. Additionally, we provide In-Process/Onsite calibration services at your location, ensuring calibration within your unique environment and customized specifications.

Humidity Meter Calibration:

We calibrate all makes and models of humidity meters and sensors, including devices such as the Fluke 971 Vaisala HM70 and products from GE, Extech, and Control Company.

Hygrometer Calibration:

We provide calibration services for an extensive range of Digital Hygrometers and portable hygrometers, including popular models like the Extech 44-series, alongside devices from Control Company and Hanna Instruments.

Relative Humidity (RH) Calibration:

Seeking RH device calibration? LAW Calibration offers accredited calibration services for items like Onset Data loggers, Dwyer Instruments RH Transmitters, and RH Probes/Pens from Extech and Amprobe.

Moisture Meter & Dew Point Meter Calibration:

Our managed services cover calibration for all dew point and moisture meters, encompassing models from renowned brands such as Amprobe, Extech, Testo, Fluke, and Amphenol.

Hygrometer Brands Calibrated:

We calibrate hygrometers from various brands, including Cole Parmer, Dickson, Extech, Fluke, GE Panametrics, General Eastern, and HART, Vaisala, to name a few. If you cannot find your brand, know that we work directly with numerous manufacturers and can get any product you need.

Humidity Instruments Calibrated:

Our calibration services cover broad areas of humidity instruments, such as Chart Recorders, Humidity Meters, Thermo-Hygrometers, Humidity/Temperature Transmitters, Dewpoint Meters, Pressure Sensors, Process Gauges, and many more.

If your instrument is not listed, we will be glad to provide you with a Rapid Quote, or if you want to check our global scope of accreditation, please do so to confirm our capabilities.

Rely on LAW Calibration for precise and reliable calibration of your humidity instruments.

Temperature/Humidity Capabilities

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We offer professional calibration services in the following regions

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